Polished Translations

Full-fledged English to Polish translation services, including Amazon listing translations, UI localization, and transcreation.

Amazion Listing translations

Help your potential customer find the right (your) product. Let’s translate product title, images, bullet points, and description in your listing.

UI and Website localization

Does your product come with an app? Do you want to further engage with your customer? Let’s localize your app or website to build single, consistent environment.


Your creative ideas for adverts may not translate easily into a target language. Let's (re)create it anew based on your createve brief.

Manuals, correspondence translation

Your online presence does not end when the product arrives to your customer. The final touch is manual translation and correspondence with your customers in their language. This includes basic DTP services.

What you get

Learn more about the offer.

No hidden costs

I am not an agency. You only pay for the translation based on word-count and preparation clearly definded (e.g. pdf and image translation takes additional time and preparation).

Direct contact

If there is any change in your project you can contact me anytime and discuss it with me directly. This saves your time and helps avoid any issues.

Project personalization

Each project is uniqe. This means for each project we can apply specific methodology to meet your requirements, be it workflow or personal preference.

Contact me

Contact me for custom quote

Please briefliy tell me what's the content and an astimated deadline. I will get back to you and provide you with specific details.

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